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Studies show that one out of every four adults in America will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives.  The first place many will go for help is to their priest or pastor who admittedly are not well equipped to handle complex cases and often not sure where else to look for support.  Sadly, many struggle to access care that aligns with their faith convictions due to geographic barriers, too few providers, and a limited knowledge of treatment options.

With professional support, the majority of those affected by mental illness can develop tools to grow and move forward through hardship.  We believe that the local church CAN and SHOULD be an essential part of this process when equipped with the necessary resources and connections.

Harbor Christian Partnership is a registered non-profit organization that is committed to addressing this urgent need, particularly here in the Greater Boston area.  The mission of Harbor Christian Partnership is to provide resources and relational support for the local church that will enable a more effective and compassionate response to mental health issues within the church.  With your financial support, we will be able to provide resources including leadership training programs, direct consultation, topical seminars and workshops, and online educational materials free-of-charge for churches and parachurch ministries throughout the Greater Boston area.

help others access care

Harbor Christian Partnership is also committed to providing scholarship funds that will enable individuals and families with significant economic needs to access quality professional care.  Many in our community who would benefit from such support are constrained by low income, student debt, and other financial barriers.  We desire for everyone to have equal access to biblically informed, gospel driven, and clinically skilled counseling services regardless of economic status. Will you partner with us in making these scholarship funds available for those who need it most?

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Your generous donation to Harbor Christian Partnership will enable us to provide these much needed resources.  We are currently in need of one-time gifts as well as monthly recurring gifts.  Harbor Christian Partnership is a registered non-profit organization, and you will be provided with receipts for tax purposes.  Please click the button below to partner with us today.